Why gardens?

One of my early memories is of my mother in her garden. This activity as well as playing the piano, painting watercolours, and sewing provided a creative outlet for her and a respite from the tedium of domestic chores.
Gardens can be private refuges. They require tending but they repay us by providing green space in an increasingly industrial world. The plants in my paintings represent fertility, growth, rebirth and beauty. My work also refers to decorative arts and women’s creativity. I have been influenced by needlework, and especially quilts, which can be seen in my use of layers, piecing (collage) and borders.
I attended university as a mature student with four children at home and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine arts degree. I have exhibited extensively in western Canada. My work is in collections in Canada, U.S.A., and Britain.
Presently I live in British Columbia where an independent living residence has my art on its walls for the pleasure of its residents.